Pack Your Bags

Here is a list of things you may want to pack for your trip to Pavones.

Before packing check with your regional and international airlines for their baggage and surfboard fees and restrictions.

  1. Money in USD or colones. THERE ARE NO ATM’s in Pavones but everyone will take USD.
  2. Valid passport with at least 3 months remaining before expiring.
  3. The onsite WIFI is fine for emails and messaging. If you would like to download media (books music or videos) then we suggest that you do this prior to arrival, before leaving home or in a less remote area of Costa Rica (with faster internet service).
  4. SHOES:  For beach, river walks, tide pools bring secure fitting sandals with good traction, neoprene water shoes or reef booties. For our trails or walking on the gravel roads bring a closed-toed hiking/ running/ walking shoes & socks.
  5. Super-light weight ultra-casual clothes.
  6. Small flashlight or headlamp with batteries, there are only a few street lights and it gets DARK.
  7. Light rain jacket and/ or Umbrella.
  8. Beach towel, beach blanket and/or sarong.
  9. Yoga clothes for warm weather if you would like to attend a yoga class.
  10. Bathing suits and board shorts. 3 or more, so you always have a dry one.
  11. Rash guard/ UV water shirt.
  12. Sunscreen …  high SPF, waterproof, sport type sunscreen. Also some after sun or sun burn treatment.
  13. On some occasions you might want bug repellent. In our opinion a Natural Insect Repellent like Repel brand LEMON EUCALYPTUS or All Terrain Herbal Armor works fine.
  14. Sun hats, sunglasses and one long sleeve shirt for sun.
  15. One pair of pants/jeans if you want to horseback ride.
  16. Any medications necessary for known medical conditions. No pharmacy in Pavones.
  17. First-Aid … band-aids, itch cream, antiseptic for scrapes, headache/ pain pills, allergy pills…
  18. Motion sickness tablets for bumpy curvy roads, small planes or boat rides (if you are prone to motion sickness).
  19. For surfers: travel ding-repair kit, extra fins, fin screws & leashes, tools for fins, warm water wax and booties (if you have sensitive feet).
  20. For birdwatchers and wildlife observers: binoculars and pocket guide for Costa Rica wildlife.
  21. Water bottle or thermos. In the dining room you will find a container of water to refill your bottle.
  22. Beach bag or small backpack for excursions with ziploc bags for electronics.

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  1. Barbaralee Breen
    12 years ago

    Another great stay with great people. Angela and Marshall make you feel at home and you can’t get a better place for the price. Will be heading back again next year for another visit.