Guided Tropical Adventure Activities

Pavones is perfect for nature lovers and surfers. It is just the right place for pure relaxation or tropical adventure. Click here to see a list of local ACTIVITIES.

If you are up for some tropical adventure then one of our local residents is now offering a variety guided activities. See her menu here on this page. She grew up in Canada but has lived in the area for over two decades. Her excitement and love for nature and Pavones is contagious. Tours available in English or Spanish. Prices range from $5-50 per person.

Santa Clara hill walk 1.5 hr
Alta Mira hike 4-5 hr
La Onda Hike 2-3 hr
Rio Coco beach walk 5 hr
Runs 30 min – 4 hr
Bike rides 1-4 hr
Ocean swims 1 hr
Snorkeling 1- 2 hr
Tide pools picnic 3 hr
Rio Claro river spa 3 hr
Stand Up paddle tour 1.5 hr

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