The Staff

VICTORIA BRIONES – Kitchen & Housekeeping

Vikki has worked at La Ponderosa since 2003. She moved to Pavones from Northern Costa Rica as a young woman. In Pavones she has raised six outstanding sons and now enjoys the company of her many grandchildren.

You will most often see her preparing breakfast but she also keeps busy in the afternoon with laundry and maid service. Victoria is a kind woman who stays calm under pressure and has an ardent attention to details.

AMADA MENDOZA – Kitchen & Housekeeping

Amada began working at La Ponderosa in 2007. She was born in Pavones at her parent’s home not far from La Ponderosa, her name translates as ‘loved one’.

She has three lovely daughters and loves spending time with her 4 (and counting) grandchildren.  Amada has a generous smile, sharp memory and is quick to help with any chore.

GERARDO VALVERDE – Property Maintenance

Gerardo has been with La Ponderosa since 2009. He was raised in Pavones along with 3 brothers and 3 sisters. He is father to one school age boy.

Gerardo starts with meticulous maintenance of the pool and patio areas then with keen attention to detail he fills his day with a whole variety of chores that keep La Ponderosa looking its best and running smoothly.


William started work full time at La Ponderosa in 2013. He was also raised in Pavones as one of seven children. He is now raising his own family of four children.

He is kind to nature and has a gift for working in the gardens. Also he is observant and a quick learner. Often he will assist local craftsmen with various tasks around the property.