LA BRUSCHETTA – aka La Pina or Rossella’s Italian, Casual, Fine Dining, handmade pasta, Full Bar, desserts 100 meter N of gate, easy walk 2776 2174 Pizza, take out
SODA BRISAS DEL MAR – beachfront Ceviche, Fish/ Chicken/ Pork Casados, Batidos, Hamburgers One mile South of gate, 20 min walk. 2776 2063
CASONA DE PERON Deck, Local Food, Ceviche, Local Seafood Plates Near Bridge (Rio Claro) on hill 2km 30 min. walk
EBENEEZER Fried Chicken, Rice, Casados & Sandwiches Cross Bridge, just past Church on left
Restaurante MARES Snacks, local plates and Bakery foods  Inside Super Mares
TICO-MEX Mexican -Tico tacos and MORE N of Pavones soccer field, on beachfront
BAR LA PLAZA/ Soda Doña Dora’s Typical Local Food, tacos, burritos, Full Bar, Oldest eatery In Pavones town center, on east side of soccer field (AKA the plaza)
RON-I-TAL’S -dinner only, closed on Sundays Grilled Fish and Meat served with Salads/ Veggies/ Rice/ Beans In Pavones town center, east/ up the alley from soccer field
BANANA POINT Ceviche, etc North of our gate, 10 minute walk
LA SUERTE Vegetarian Meals, Snacks, Breakfast & Lunch Pavones town center, north side of field
BAR y Restuarante Almendras Casados and Ceviches  South of our gate 10 minute walk
MARKETS (small food stores) “Mini-Super” or Pulperias Food Beverages & Snacks Super Rio Claro, Super Delfines, Super Mares, Super Willy …
Summary Supermarket Cafeteria inside with Fried chicken, ceviche, casados take out or eat in 8Km N from Ponderosa inside Supermarket
Kiosco OASIS Assorted Local dishes, Take-out or outdoor seating. Kiosk on the soccer field
Soda TITIGUANA DAILY SPECIAL – typical tico cuisine Punta Banco’s town Center 4km south

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